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I am an experienced artist and want to share my passion for the arts..... which shows in my paintings.  I look within to capture a feeling that brings nature alive.  Catching as much detail as the human eye can absorb......painting a powerful look.  

At an early age, I developed a love for the arts including drawing, painting and graphic design.  Realizing working for someone else I could not grow as an artist.    I have discovered a natural ease with oil painting and enjoy creating my own unique style and revitalizing my inner resources.   I am trained Wilson Bickford teacher and the love of my craft soon inspired me to follow my passion to teach painting.

1995- present - Julie's Designs- painting art on clothing for children and women, graphic design, heat transfer, silk screening and sculpting.

2011 - 2014 - Painted with Roy Gould, a Master Artist.
2014 Wilson Bickford  Trained Teacher
2015 - Present - Artists' Boutique

2016 - Work Presented at the School of Arts - Pomona - California 
2017 - Work Presented at the Walker House - San Dimas - California 

 2011 - 2014  Working with Roy a master artist was a great experience, his loyalty and commitment brought out my passion that created a powerful embellishment of who I am.  Discovering and bringing out the enthusiasm......making a way for me to approach painting with passionate faith that I am doing what I was suppose to do.  Do something that you love, make it happen,  start now don't wait, with each step you take you will become more confident and see the progress.  Remember always keep your instrument (craft)  tuned!!